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Choose and Send the Best Get-Well Flowers Every Time

When someone you love is in the hospital, you want to let them know how much you care. Show them you’re thinking of them by sending a beautiful card, gift and especially flowers. Flowers are known to boost spirits, elevate moods and put smiles on faces when delivered. But there are so many flowers to choose from! Plus, there can be some ins and outs to know before sending flowers to hospitals. Read More about Choose and Send the Best Get-Well Flowers Every Time »

Flowers For Mind And Body Wellness

In study after study, the benefit of flowers on the body and the mind has been well proven. We know, for instance, that giving and receiving flowers keeps someone more in touch with their friends and family, which has obvious benefits on a person's well being. Hospitalized patients who have flowers or a potted plant in their room use less pain medication and have lower blood pressure when compared to their flower-less counterparts. At Marco Island Florist, we believe one of the best ways to help heal the mind and body is to surround yourself with oxygenating, mood enhancing flowers. Read More about Flowers For Mind And Body Wellness »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on December 26, 2017 Flowers Get Well