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Grandparents Day Celebrations & Florals

They are the best babysitters, our closest confidantes, and our staunchest allies. On September 10, we have the opportunity to thank the very special people who love us the most - our grandparents! Grandparents Day is a time set aside to honor the multi-generational relationships that make up our families, and that make life so special. Originally established in 1978, Grandparents Day celebrations were meant to include reunions and gatherings, and to promote the sharing of stories about family history and legacy. The day is also the perfect opportunity for us to honor these amazing matriarchs and patriarchs - after all, there is no one like a grandparent. The floral designers at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts have compiled a collection of Grandparents Day flowers and gifts sure to make them feel loved and cherished.  Read More about Grandparents Day Celebrations & Florals »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on August 24, 2017 Grandparents Day

Gifts to Decorate the College Dorm Room

Come the end of the summer, nearly 2 million new college students will move into a college dormitory for the first time, marking the beginning of a new phase of life. While there is much to look forward to, your student is also probably experiencing a bit of anxiety as well, thinking about living away from home - and you - for the first time. You can help to ease the transition by adding comfortable touches to college dorm room decor. Establishing a familiar tone will go a long way to decreasing their fears. You may choose to bring their favorite pillow, or posters from their room. Or perhaps a few photos from home will bring them comfort if the homesickness starts to settle in. At Marco Island Florist Home & Gift, we have another idea to make the room more homey - green and flowering plants.  Read More about Gifts to Decorate the College Dorm Room »
Posted by flowermanager on July 18, 2017 Back to School

Flowers on a Mission – Bee & Butterfly Gardens

Flowers are beautiful, they have their own language, and represent many of the most important occasions of our life. But when outside, flowers also play important roles in our natural ecosystem - helping bees and butterflies to thrive. This summer, whether you place a few of these amazing plants in pots around your patio or cultivate a garden in your yard, why not turn these outdoor beauties into bee and butterfly gardens? It's easier than you may think, and Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts can help. Won't the Bees Sting? Experts tell us that honeybees will rarely sting when they are away from the hive, and almost never when foraging for nectar. In fact, unless that are threatened, they won't pay you any mind at all. Considering how important it is to support the bee populations, creating a host garden away from your sitting area is a great way to contribute. Read More about Flowers on a Mission – Bee & Butterfly Gardens »
Posted by flowermanager on July 2, 2017 Flowers Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers for South Florida Parties

Even though we experience warm weather year-round, there is still something strangely magical about the summer months. Maybe it is because we remember long summer vacations from the past. Perhaps it is the emptier roads after the snowbirds and vacationers retreat to northern climes. Or perhaps it is because the daylight lingers for so many hours, that we can't help but get outside on balmy summer nights. Whether meeting by the pool, walking on the beach at sunset, or taking a leisurely bike ride, there is nothing quite like a South Florida summer. Getting together with loved ones to share a meal is also a tradition we hold dear. If your preferred style is cooking over a barbecue or enjoying gourmet dinners, summer flowers add beauty and ambiance to any table.  Read More about Summer Flowers for South Florida Parties »
Posted by flowermanager on June 16, 2017 Flowers Summer Flowers

Bouquets for National Rose Month

Favorite colors, favorite flowers - it all comes together during National Rose Month! This is the perfect opportunity to send the world's most beloved flower to all the people you love - and no matter who they are or what their personal style may be, Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts has the perfect rose to celebrate them! Did You Know? If the statistics are correct, approximately 600 million roses are sold in the US every year, with 40% of them being on Valentine's Day.  Read More about Bouquets for National Rose Month »
Posted by flowermanager on June 2, 2017 Roses

Flowers & Desktop Designs for Administrative Professionals

  Administrative Professionals Week was established in the early 1950's as an initiative to fill the many vacant office positions in thriving post-war businesses. Although originally named National Secretary's Day, the movement evolved to include an entire week of observance and to encompass a spectrum of professionals - from administrative assistants to front desk receptionists. In today's world, the week-long event is meant to recognize those professionals who are the engine behind the business but often operate as unsung heroes.  Read More about Flowers & Desktop Designs for Administrative Professionals »

Daisies for April Birthday Arrangements & Bouquets

The daisy is the official birth flower of April, making the cheerful bloom the perfect choice for all your loved ones' special celebrations. The daisy is ideally suited to this honor. Often regarded as the quintessential flower of springtime, the classic white and gold bloom evokes feelings of childhood innocence and carefree days. When it comes to making sure all of your April birthdays are covered, you can trust Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts to design the freshest and most beautiful bouquets and arrangements. Read More about Daisies for April Birthday Arrangements & Bouquets »
Posted by flowermanager on March 14, 2017 Flowers Spring

National Puppy Day Raises Awareness

When Coleen Paige instituted National Puppy Day in 2007, the animal advocate had a distinct goal in mind - to educate the public on the very great need to adopt puppies from shelters. Only 26% of the puppies acquired in the United States are rescue dogs, and because of the reality of puppy mills, overbreeding, and overpopulation, these precious animals face real peril. National Puppy Day also celebrates the people who have dedicated their lives to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming puppies and older dogs alike. These people are quite literally saving canine lives every day - let them know you appreciate them, with a beautiful floral design from Marco Island Florist to brighten up the shelter.  Read More about National Puppy Day Raises Awareness »
Posted by flowermanager on March 8, 2017 Flowers

St. Patrick’s Day Plants, Flowers and Decor

St. Patrick's Day is a religious and cultural observance for many across the country. While the holiday originally honored the patron saint of Ireland, it is said that on March 17th, "everyone is Irish". In fact, Patrick himself was not even Irish, so that means all people are welcome to celebrate! Customs include wearing green attire, drinking green beer, attending Irish festivals, or watching the local parades. Whichever traditions you love, don't forget to send your favorite Gaelic friends and colleagues a beautiful green floral design or potted plant from Marco Island Home & Gifts to honor their heritage. Here are a few interesting facts about this festive holiday: Read More about St. Patrick’s Day Plants, Flowers and Decor »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on February 28, 2017 Flowers Holidays St. Patrick's Day

Spring Flowers are in Season

Seasons are a bit different here in south Florida. While others are anxiously awaiting the spring thaw, we are enjoying some of the most beautiful weather we will encounter all year. While some brace for the last winter snowstorm, we take the day off and go to the beach. And while some await the end of gray days, we have been enjoying the sunshine every day. Still, there are reasons to anticipate the spring here in Marco Island and Naples - for instance, the days are longer, giving us more time each day to enjoy paradise. And with the spring rains, we find our home turning back to the verdant green that surrounds us once the winter droughts subside. At Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts, we love the design options that spring flowers give us, and look forward to sharing our new seasonal creations with you! Whether you are planning a special occasion, celebrating a birthday, or wish to send some flowers "just because", you can trust our expertise and artistry. Here are just a few of the designs we are working on, which exhibit the fresh green of spring, as well as the vivid colors that also define the season.  Read More about Spring Flowers are in Season »
Posted by flowermanager on February 19, 2017 Flowers Spring