Customer Testimonials

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WOW! I've been ordering flowers for years, and this is the best service I've ever received - truly a FLORAL ADVENTURE! Laurie C., Edmonds, WA
This florist made effort to make sure our arrangement was delivered even though they had been given a bad address. They did a great job taking care of this very important gift. Alan Bauers, Lincolnton, SC
My mom sent me an arrangement for my dorm room that made me feel really good. Delivering to a dorm is not easy, so they actually called to make sure I got it ok. Sheila Crosby, Raleigh NC
I was visiting Marco Island and was helping my friends decorate a new home. I had no idea there was a place that I could get so many of the decorating items I needed on the island. The people at the shop were very helpful, and the pieces we chose were beautiful. Beth Vanderkooi, Atlanta Ga