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Choose and Send the Best Get-Well Flowers Every Time

When someone you love is in the hospital, you want to let them know how much you care. Show them you’re thinking of them by sending a beautiful card, gift and especially flowers. Flowers are known to boost spirits, elevate moods and put smiles on faces when delivered. But there are so many flowers to choose from! Plus, there can be some ins and outs to know before sending flowers to hospitals. Read More about Choose and Send the Best Get-Well Flowers Every Time »

Experience Fall’s Most Popular Blooms: Chrysanthemums

The beauty of autumn is a wonderful time to explore the meaning of the season’s most popular flower, the chrysanthemum. Full of life and rich color, these blooms are available in a wide variety of styles, from spider mums and anemones to daisy mums, and pompons. Plus, mums have been around a very long time, giving them a rich history full of meaning and symbolism. Adding chrysanthemums to your fall decor will bring history, style, and color together for a meaningful display that welcomes fall. Take a look at the favorite mums our designers from Marco Island Florist are highlighting for the fall season and choose your favorites for decorating your own home or sending to someone special.  Read More about Experience Fall’s Most Popular Blooms: Chrysanthemums »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 11, 2019 Autumn Flowers Fall Flowers

Nature’s Most Beautiful Season

During the fall season, nature offers up some of the most beautiful designs, colors, and textures available. When the temperature drops and leaves start to change color, you know it’s time to celebrate. The floral designers at Marco Island Florist are excited about our beautiful fall collection of floral designs and blooming plants. With so many rich, deep hues like royal purple, deep garnet, bright gold, forest green, and fiery orange, you can be sure that our fall collection is bright, colorful and full of intricate combinations. We have something for everyone in the Marco Island area, so take a look at our floral designs and choose something perfect to send as a gift or to keep for yourself. Read More about Nature’s Most Beautiful Season »

Express Your Love On Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. With this special holiday quickly approaching, it’s time to think of great ways grandchildren can express their love and devotion to grandparents. Sending a beautiful floral bouquet, long-lasting plant design or a special gift basket to grandparents is a wonderful way to remind them that you care. Remember that the professionals at Marco Island Florist deliver throughout the Marco Island area, including private residences and assisted living facilities. For ideas about activities kids and grandparents can do together, take a look at some of the ideas we’ve listed here. Read More about Express Your Love On Grandparents Day »

Back-To-School Gift Ideas For College Students

What To Send College Students Leaving home and heading off to college is a big experience. Students are excited to spread their wings. Parents and family members, however, can often be nervous that students may not have everything they need. That’s why the design experts at Marco Island Florist created a list of great back-to-school gift ideas. You can send some of these to your Hodges University or Ave Maria School of Law student in the first week of school or throughout the semester. They may not even realize how much they needed some of these items. Read More about Back-To-School Gift Ideas For College Students »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on July 20, 2019 Back to School Flower Gifts

Giving Gifts on Special Occasions

Giving gifts on a special occasion serves to honor the individual whose day it is and let them know how you feel. Take the opportunity to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, holiday or other special occasion by giving a gift that is meaningful. The floral designers at Marco Island Florist not only create beautiful bouquets and arrangements, we also have an amazing line of gifts in our shop. Choose something to add onto your next bouquet that you send or let the gift you choose stand alone. The designs we carry will bring joy to your next celebration and let your recipient know how special they are. Read More about Giving Gifts on Special Occasions »

Celebrate American Heritage on The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time of celebration. We celebrate American traditions, enjoy our heritage of freedom and independence, and get together with friends and family. For example, we love to have backyard barbecues or gather for fireworks displays. When you do, be sure to include gorgeous patriotic flowers in your home decor or as centerpieces for your get-together. Flowers tie any event together. So, the floral artisans at Marco Island Florist has some beautiful patriotic blooms for the Fourth of July this year. Read More about Celebrate American Heritage on The Fourth of July »