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In addition to sweet love and warm thoughts, flowers overflow with meaning. Although often overlooked, history, stories, and symbolism add impressive layers to these already marvelous blooms. Did you know that “moth orchids” acquired this nickname from a Swedish Naturalist in the mid-1750’s, as he confused a Phalaenopsis Orchid for a cluster of moths? Or that highly regarded individuals, like Jane Goodall, Margaret Thatcher, and Joe and Jill Biden have Dendrobium Orchids named after them? 

While these historical tales and fun facts make for interesting conversation, it’s the symbolism of orchids that truly make gifting these flowers a thoughtful experience. Cymbidium Orchids are a popular bloom for friends in China to send to each other as they symbolize valued and respected friendships. Learn more about the symbols behind these marvelous flowers as your friends here at Marco Island Florist, the best flower shop in Naples, share the various meanings of orchids.

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What Do Orchids Mean?


As a symbol of fertility, orchids are a thoughtful choice to help celebrate a new baby, growing families, and mothers and fathers-to-be. In Japan, these blooms are often seen as decor in homes and offices, since fertility translates to good fortune in both life and business. In ancient Greece, orchid roots were even used to predict baby genders prior to birth.


If you’re searching for the best blooms for your Prince Charming or your charming princess, this one is a perfect choice. As a symbol of charm, there’s nothing more lovely than a beautiful orchid to express your feelings. Stand out and be unique as orchids tend to be the less popular choice compared to roses, lilies, or tulips.


As orchids were considered a rare and unique bloom throughout history, the act of giving orchids was a strong meaning of love. Today, orchids are still a symbol of love, especially lavender, purple, pink, and red orchids, as these colored blooms are connected to elegance, admiration, romance, and passion.


The Victorian Era had an influence on modern Europe and other countries in countless ways. One being that orchids became a symbol of beauty. Many royal and wealthy families greatly admired this unique bloom for its rarity and beautiful appearance. Today, orchids are given to people who are described as being beautiful both inside and out.


Aside from beauty, the upper class of the Victorian Era also helped define the meaning of orchids as their obsession with these blooms translated to having a refined taste. While purple orchids are associated with royalty and admiration, orchids, in general, are linked to refinement. These flowers are the perfect gift for those we might view as our own “kings” or “queens.”


The orchid isn’t as common a bloom when compared to pink tulips, white lilies, or red roses. Consequently, orchids become special when selected for arrangements and bouquets, or when they’re given to loved ones. This extra thought and consideration are why this flower has become a symbol of thoughtfulness. The next time you’re looking for a unique, yet beautiful bloom, why not try a lovely blue orchid?

With a variety of meanings, from beauty to refinement, orchids can be the best bloom for just about any celebration. Find the perfect flowers here at Marco Island Florist, and make your next occasion just as beautiful as the blooms. From their inspiring symbolism to your wealth of floral knowledge, your loved will are sure to admire both your thoughtfulness and the fresh orchids.