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Gifts to Decorate the College Dorm Room

college dorm room

Come the end of the summer, nearly 2 million new college students will move into a college dormitory for the first time, marking the beginning of a new phase of life. While there is much to look forward to, your student is also probably experiencing a bit of anxiety as well, thinking about living away from home – and you – for the first time. You can help to ease the transition by adding comfortable touches to college dorm room decor. Establishing a familiar tone will go a long way to decreasing their fears.

You may choose to bring their favorite pillow, or posters from their room. Or perhaps a few photos from home will bring them comfort if the homesickness starts to settle in. At Marco Island Florist Home & Gift, we have another idea to make the room more homey – green and flowering plants. college dorm roomPlants may be the perfect accent for a college dorm room. They add life and color, and studies show that they actually encourage a sense of well-being and peace. But beyond their aesthetic value, green plants can help to purify and detoxify the air. The cleaner air has been proven to promote a sharper mental focus, increase concentration levels, and result in greater productivity. Given the benefits for students who need to be studying, we recommend two plants!

Did You Know? For every class hour they take, the average college student will spend 3 hours studying. This means with a standard course load, the time they spend studying can equal the time you spend working your full-time job! It goes without saying that they deserve periodic care packages for all their hard work – after all, nothing is better than snacks to carry students through all-night study sessions. We can help – check out our popular fresh baked brownies, shown below – or choose another selection from our delicious gourmet gift collection.

college dorm roomSending a child away to school for the first time can be emotional – but beautiful (and delicious) gifts that let your student know that you are thinking of them will help everyone to adjust to the new normal. Marco Island Florist Home & Gift has always been here for all of life’s events – and this is no exception. Give us a call today!