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Flowers on a Mission – Bee & Butterfly Gardens

butterfly gardens

Flowers are beautiful, they have their own language, and represent many of the most important occasions of our life. But when outside, flowers also play important roles in our natural ecosystem – helping bees and butterflies to thrive. This summer, whether you place a few of these amazing plants in pots around your patio or cultivate a garden in your yard, why not turn these outdoor beauties into bee and butterfly gardens? It’s easier than you may think, and Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts can help.

Won’t the Bees Sting? Experts tell us that honeybees will rarely sting when they are away from the hive, and almost never when foraging for nectar. In fact, unless that are threatened, they won’t pay you any mind at all. Considering how important it is to support the bee populations, creating a host garden away from your sitting area is a great way to contribute.butterfly gardens

Both bees and butterflies will look for bright, colorful flowers that are rich in nectar and pollen. Although these flowers may vary from zone to zone, there are a few that stand out as the creatures favorites – for instance, sunflowers, daisies, asters, goldenrod, and black-susans  will each effectively attract both types of insects. Butterfly bushes, violets, clover, thistle, cosmos and lavender will all be considered an open invitation.

Here’s a Hint: Both bees and butterflies will spend more time in your backyard if you provide them with fresh drinking water. For perfectly hydrated butterfly gardens, mix sand and water together – the insect derives needed nutrients not only from the water, but a “silty” environment.

For the bees, provide clean water in a shallow pie tin or container which contains pebbles and twigs which provide a surface for the bee to alight upon while it drinks.

Potted plants will allow you to place your bee and butterfly gardens as close – or as far away – as you feel comfortable. Not to mention, they make any outdoor entertaining space look more inviting for people as well! The floral experts at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts are happy to provide more great ideas and the most beautiful flowers from Marco Island to Naples. Call us today.