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Incredible Flower and Plant Identification Apps

Not certain that the three-leafed plant you walked through isn’t poison ivy? Well, now it is easy to find out with a plant identifier app on your smartphone. Discover a vast variety of plant and floral species with just a quick snap of a photo. Plant identification apps instantly provide the name of what you’re looking at as well as information on how to care for it, the types of berries or flowers it produces, and more! From identifying trees, plant diseases, or an unknown flower, these ID apps have something for everyone. Here at Marco Island Florist we’ve selected the top plant identification apps so you can review and choose one that’s perfect for your interests.


Escape to the islands with this tropical display of flowers, featuring vibrant orange lilies, bird of paradise, yellow roses and elegant purple dendrobium orchid sprays with curly willow circled inside the bubble bowl.

Excellent Plant and Flower Identification Apps



This free app has over 500,000 species of flowers, plants, succulents, mushrooms, and cacti in its database and over 150 million images. This app offers up quick identification from a photo of a plant, leaf, or part of a plant with the use of artificial intelligence technology. Tutorials help those who are new to the program and offer tips on the best way to take a photo of the plant you’re interested in. If your plant is not already in the database, you can save it, thus adding to the continuous learning feature of this app.



With beautiful, high-resolution images of leaves, flowers, seeds, petioles, bark, and fruit, LeafSnap identifies tree and plant species from photographs of their leaves. Developed by the Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University, this free mobile app includes trees of the Northeastern U.S. and Canada and will soon include trees of the entire continental US.



A popular, free app, PlantNet utilizes visual recognition software to scan your photo and provide potential matches. After uploading an image, you are asked to choose whether it’s a leaf, stem, flower, or fruit to enhance accuracy. This app aims to give you a better understanding of all the different varieties of plants living in nature around us, such as flowering plants, trees, ferns, vines, grasses, and cacti. All images uploaded are collected and studied by scientists to get a better understanding of plant biodiversity and how to preserve it.



PictureThis is a flower and plant identification app which uses AI to identify a large variety of flora. With a claim of 99% accuracy, the developers consider this app like having a “botanist in your pocket.” PictureThis can also help identify plant diseases and offers a good deal of information on a particular item, how to care and grow plants, controlling pests, and more. It also provides a social network for plant and flower lovers. This app is subscription-based but does offer a free 7-day trial.

Plant ID Apps Honorable Mentions

A few more plant identification apps worth checking out are:

Don’t forget about the wildflowers!