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Posted by Marco Island Florist on November 1, 2017 | Last Updated: March 24, 2020 Uncategorized

Gorgeous Blooms for the Host

Where will you be this Thanksgiving?

If you’re like 50 million Americans last year, it won’t be at your own table but at someone else’s. And in that case, you’re going to need a host or hostess gift. There’s no gesture more lovely – or timeless, this is an old tradition – than sending a vase full of fresh flowers to the people who are hosting you in their home for the holiday. Whether you send the item in advance or just after Thanksgiving, as is customary, we here at Marco Island Florist know your hosts will be moved at the gesture.

Given our expertise in this area, if you think we have the perfect suggestion as to what to give your hosts, you’re right. We like a small-scale bouquet in a vase, something that feels special rather than seasonal, so as to emphasize your gratitude and not seem simply like another piece of decor for your host to add to the table. Enter our Marco Island Stars┬ádesign.

Tropical Flower Design

This definitely covers the “something special” part. This bouquet is chock full of Stargazer lilies, with their pink pop of color (pink is long considered one of the “gratitude” colors in the flower world). Hydrangea nestles around them, while the cube vase shows another scene of pink sand and shells. Adorning the top are starfish, a nod to our beachy landscape.

What we love about this is that it looks good both inside the home or out, on a patio table, for instance. It’s also a conversation piece and a vivid reminder of how much you appreciate the efforts on behalf of your hosts. At Marco Island Florist we’re often working on tropical designs like these, so call on us if you need some gorgeous blooms for your hosts this year.