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Grandparents Day Celebrations & Florals

grandparents day celebrations
They are the best babysitters, our closest confidantes, and our staunchest allies. On September 10, we have the opportunity to thank the very special people who love us the most – our grandparents! Grandparents Day is a time set aside to honor the multi-generational relationships that make up our families, and that make life so special. Originally established in 1978, Grandparents Day celebrations were meant to include reunions and gatherings, and to promote the sharing of stories about family history and legacy.

The day is also the perfect opportunity for us to honor these amazing matriarchs and patriarchs – after all, there is no one like a grandparent. The floral designers at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts have compiled a collection of Grandparents Day flowers and gifts sure to make them feel loved and cherished. grandparents day celebrations

Here are a few fun trivia facts about grandparents:

* Grandparents are very generous – at least towards their grandkids! This year alone, grandparents will spend over $52 billion to buy gifts for their grandchildren. They are also concerned about their future, contributing another $32 billion towards their education.

* Perhaps grandparents are so compelled to lavish their grandkids with gifts because of the sheer love between them – over 75% of grandparents say that the role is the most important and fulfilling one they have ever experienced.

* Grandparents are also not shy about telling people how wonderful the kids are – over 90% freely admit to speaking about the grandchildren every single day, to any audience they can find.

* Grandparents are not all old and gray – in fact, the average age of first time grandparents is 48.

grandparents day celebrationsLike every special occasion, Grandparents Day celebrations are always more beautiful with floral and bouquets from Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts. This September 10, take grandma and grandpa out for a special afternoon, and don’t forget the flowers. From Naples to Marco Island. we’ve got what you need.