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Posted by Marco Island Florist on August 8, 2017 | Last Updated: January 23, 2019 Uncategorized

Surprise Them on Just Because Day

just because day

The spirit of Just Because Day is to do nice things – for yourself and for others – for no other reason than you want to! Too often we are bound by schedules, responsibilities and time frames. This whimsical observance allows us to let loose a little, to color outside the lines and think outside of the box.  What would you like to do today, “just because”? August 27 is all about checking a few things off the bucket list, no matter how large or small.

Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts helps you to celebrate special occasions and milestones all year round. However, one of the most meaningful bouquets is one sent for no reason, other than to let the recipient know that they are on your mind and heart. 

just because day Who would love receiving flowers from you on Just Because Day? Here are a few creative ideas on how to incorporate floral designs into this carefree celebration.

* As your college student settles into the dorm for a new school year, let her know that she is on your mind even
though she has only been gone a few weeks.

* Send a sentimental bouquet of flowers to a teacher who influenced your life, even if it was decades ago. Imagine
their delight at hearing from you!

* Let your Mom know that you do not need a reason to tell her how much you love her.

* Take a long walk through town, and hand out loose flowers to random strangers. While you are at it, hand out
compliments too!

* Send flowers to the nurses station at the hospital, or to the gathering area at the local nursing home.

Here’s An Idea: How about sending flowers to yourself? It is a proven fact that flowers make us happy and elevate our spirits. So treat yourself and bring home some bright, cheerful blooms – just because!

Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is proud to provide the highest quality flowers and most beautiful floral designs in the area. From Marco Island to Naples, we are your source for every occasion – or no occasion at all.