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Lovely and Symbolic Surprises for Your Favorite Mentors

The history of Valentine’s Day has always been rooted in love. While it has evolved from an ancient day of rituals to a religious celebration and, in modern times, a commercial holiday, Valentine’s Day has been and always will be a day for love. Today, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all sorts of love, from Galentine’s Day with our girls to a day of self-love by ourselves and even giving thoughtful gifts to our family, friends, neighbors, and mentors. Here at Marco Island Florist, the top flower shop in Naples, we are celebrating the mentors in our life that we simply love and adore. Without some of these mentors, our lives would certainly have taken different paths. So, this Valentine’s Day, we are expressing our gratitude, appreciation, and love with thoughtful flowers.

Show Your Gratitude with Valentine’s Day Flowers

Gifts for Teachers & Coaches

This Valentine’s Day, help your favorite coach or teacher brighten up their office or classroom with symbolic flowers that express your love for their guidance, support, patience, and lessons. Green blooms, like hydrangeas, button poms, and orchids, represent luck, youthfulness, and resilience, while indigo flowers, such as iris, larkspur, and anemones, signify structure, integrity, wisdom, sincerity, and intuition.

Gifts for Bosses & Coworkers

Whether working from home or in the office, our bosses and co-workers are always there to bounce ideas off of, push us to do our best, and offer words of wisdom or advice as we advance in our careers. Honoring their leadership this Valentine’s Day can easily be done with a bright and cheerful bouquet of flowers. Orange blooms like alstroemeria, lilies, and hibiscus will add a pop of color to the office as well as signify enthusiasm, success, excitement, and passion for work and life.

Gifts for Mom & Dad

Our parents are our biggest supporters throughout our entire lives. Their unconditional love, heart-to-hearts, and advice we maybe wanted to ignore put us on a path to where we are today. Celebrating Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is one more way we can return the favor and express reciprocated unconditional love, gratitude, and support for their happiness. Send your mother a graceful bouquet of pastel roses or tulips, especially white, pink, and lavender blooms, and gift your dad something we will treasure, like bold and rich blooms or a flowering plant.

Gifts for Grandma & Grampa

You can never go wrong with an elegant and luxurious orchid on Valentine’s Day, especially for your grandmother or grandfather. If they spoiled you as a child with fun-loving encouragement, it’s time to return the favor with a thoughtful, fun, yet refined flowering plant or stems arranged artistically in a vase. While your grandmother will gravitate towards its daintiness and grace, your grandfather will love its symbolism of pride, tradition, and admiration.

Gifts for Older Siblings & Trusted Friends

The love we have for our older brothers, sisters, and friends who feel more like older siblings is an unbreakable bond and friendship like no other. Celebrating Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day with sisters, brothers, and close friends might mean a fun dinner out, a girls’ night in, or a surprise bouquet of colorful blooms. While blue aster and goldenrod represent sisterhood, low-maintenance and rich hues are ideal for brothers and close guy friends. In general, yellow flowers are a bright and sunny symbol of happiness, lightheartedness, positivity, and friendship.

Flowers are the best go-to gift for anyone. Both men and women feel a boost of energy and a wave of happiness when presented with a dazzling bouquet of fresh blooms. With a range in color, shapes, sizes, luxury, and price, you can bet that whatever bouquet you select for your mentor will be unique and something they don’t already have. To brighten their day and share the love, browse the collection of Valentine’s Day flowers from Marco Island Florist in Naples.