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National Friendship Day – Celebrate Sisters & Friends

National Friendship Day

You may have heard that flowers have a language all their own. For instance, red roses represent passion, love, and romance, and are appropriate for your sweetheart. But in August, we are celebrating two days which are perfectly symbolized by another popular flower – the yellow rose. This cheerful bloom Is the traditional flower of friendship and is perfect to send on National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day (both observed on August 6).  Since many of us have sisters who are best friends, and best friends who are more like sisters, we love the idea of the corresponding holiday.

Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts has the yellow rose designs and arrangements guaranteed to make her smile, and let her know that your life is so much better because of her!

National Friendship DayFriendship: Friends are crucial to our healthy social development. When we are toddlers and young children, friends teach us the basics, such as being patient and polite.  As teenagers, our closest friends help us to navigate the sometimes stormy waters of first romantic relationships. And even as adults, friends are still helping us to grow into better human beings – by assisting us in setting proper priorities and goals.

Sisterhood:  Studies reveal that growing up with a sister in the same home can be absolutely beneficial to our emotional health. Those with close sister connections are generally happier and more content with their lives overall; they are more optimistic and not afraid of a little risk, and they even suffer far less often from mental illness. So even though your sister may have been a pest while you were kids, all those moments are well worth the reward.

Whether you choose a bouquet from our summer collection or call us to request an arrangement comprised of her favorites – you’ll find the perfect flowers at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts. Stop by our Marco Island store, and let us know how we can help you to honor your closest relationships this month.