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Posted by Marco Island Florist on August 17, 2017 | Last Updated: March 26, 2020 Uncategorized

Inspiration for September Birthday Bouquets

birthday bouquetsIf you were born this month, you may not know that you are represented by two beautiful ambassadors of September. The birth flower of September is the aster and the birthstone is the sapphire. Both provide ample inspiration for floral designers to create unique birthday bouquets that are sure to make anyone’s special celebration amazing.

The September Aster: The aster is related to the daisy and sunflower, with a central disk of miniature flowers and ray petals (florets) extending in a star-like design. In fact, the word “Aster” is derived from the Greek word for star, and it is part of Greek mythology. It is said the goddess Astraea, who had been turned into a star, wept over the fate of humanity – and her tears fell as stardust which turned to lovely star flowers (asters) when they touched the earth.
Asters bloom from late summer into the fall, and therefore are logical seasonal representatives for this time of year.

Did You Know? Asters grow naturally in many colors, but their central disk is always yellow.

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Sapphire Blues: The birthstone of September is the brilliant sapphire, which can be florally represented by only a few unique true-blue flowers. Blue delphinium, iris, and hydrangea are among the most popular blue flowers, but the perfect September birthday bouquets may be blue asters. Be sure to ask one of our floral designers about the availability of these beautiful blooms.

Little Known Fact: Sapphires actually occur naturally in many shades, including orange and green. But the most valuable sapphire – and therefore the most iconic – is one with a primary color of blue, and a secondary hue of violet.

The expert team at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts creates custom birthday bouquets all year round, and we are inspired by many things. This month, let the sapphire and aster inspire you to send flowers that will be the highlight of their special day.