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Summer Flowers for South Florida Parties

summer flowers

Even though we experience warm weather year-round, there is still something strangely magical about the summer months. Maybe it is because we remember long summer vacations from the past. Perhaps it is the emptier roads after the snowbirds and vacationers retreat to northern climes. Or perhaps it is because the daylight lingers for so many hours, that we can’t help but get outside on balmy summer nights. Whether meeting by the pool, walking on the beach at sunset, or taking a leisurely bike ride, there is nothing quite like a South Florida summer. Getting together with loved ones to share a meal is also a tradition we hold dear. If your preferred style is cooking over a barbecue or enjoying gourmet dinners, summer flowers add beauty and ambiance to any table. summer flowers

Summer flowers and plants in this part of the country tend to be hardy, able to withstand hotter temperatures and direct sunlight. But just because a flower is resilient doesn’t mean it is not beautiful – consider Sunflowers & Succulents, a uniquely stunning floral design that will make a perfect centerpiece for your summer soirees. Vivid classic sunflowers, blue hydrangea, and striking succulents are accented by curly willow and lush greens, resulting in an arrangement for your table that is sure to spark some conversation.

If you are looking for a truly elegant and sophisticated centerpiece that boasts beautiful summer flowers, this artistic composition is a perfect choice. Comprised of yellow roses and tulips, green button poms, and lush hydrangea in soothing blues and greens, the color palette is verdant and the design is contemporary. Your dinner guests are sure to be impressed by this lovely design. summer flowers

For a more fiery centerpiece, check out these spicy summer flowers!  This is a spectacular bouquet of special blooms which includes sunflowers, circus roses, lilies, berries, and lush greenery. Inspired by our South Florida sunsets, these flowers are ideal party decor. summer flowersMarco Island Florist Home & Gifts is your one stop floral source for summer flowers, seasonal centerpieces, and decor for any party. Shop our Summer Collection or give us a call for the expert ideas that will make any occasion a special one.