Glass vase of orchid in purple and white with curly willow and tropical greens.

Key Marco Signature Design

This vase is filled with green Cymbidium orchids, purple Dendrobium orchids, curly willow, and tropical greens to create a captivating and exotic floral arrangement. 

The green Cymbidium orchids, with their long, arching stems and strikingly vibrant blooms, steal the show. These orchids feature large, waxy petals in various shades of green, ranging from lime to emerald. Their unique shape and color create a tropical and eye-catching focal point.

Complementing the Cymbidium orchids are the purple Dendrobium orchids. These elegant orchids have slender stems and delicate blooms, adding a touch of grace and contrasting color to the arrangement. The purple hues create a captivating and luxurious visual effect alongside the green Cymbidium orchids.

Intertwined throughout the arrangement are curly willow branches. The twisting and bending nature of the branches adds a whimsical and artistic element. The contrast between the straight stems of the orchids and the winding willow branches creates a visually dynamic composition.

Monstera leaves are incorporated to enhance the exotic feel of the arrangement. The lush and vibrant green foliage provides a backdrop for the orchids and willow, adding depth and a touch of natural beauty.

This arrangement is perfect for bringing a touch of tropical elegance to any space or for special occasions that call for an exotic and memorable centerpiece. It adds a sense of sophistication and a hint of adventure to the ambiance.

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