roses in pave style with wine

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A pave-style arrangement featuring a dozen roses paired with a bottle of champagne or wine creates an elegant and romantic gift. 

The centerpiece of the arrangement is a dozen roses arranged in a pave style, which means the blooms are closely clustered together, creating a lush and compact display. The roses can be in a color of your choice, such as classic red, romantic pink, elegant white, or any other hue that holds significance.

The tightly-packed roses create a stunning visual impact, showcasing their velvety petals and exquisite beauty. Each rose represents love, affection, and admiration, making this arrangement a timeless expression of emotions.

To complement the enchanting roses, a bottle of champagne or wine is included. The choice of beverage adds a touch of sophistication and celebration to the gift. A bottle of champagne with its effervescence or a fine wine with its rich flavors can enhance the experience and make it truly special.

This arrangement is perfect for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or as a romantic gesture to surprise and delight a loved one. It combines the timeless beauty of roses with the joy of celebrating with a bottle of champagne or wine.

The dozen roses pave-style arrangement with a bottle of champagne or wine is a luxurious and heartfelt gift that expresses love, appreciation, and the joy of toasting to special moments.

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DELIVERY: Due to availability and the exact nature of every bloom each design will vary from image. Every order is hand-delivered direct to the recipient by Marco Island Florist Home and Gifts or a qualified local retail florist.

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