Tropical Love Bundle

Spread love and create a tropical paradise with the Tropical Love Bundle. This bundle is designed to evoke feelings of joy, beauty, and celebration. It includes a large tropical arrangement, a bud vase of roses, a bag of rose petals, and a luxurious bottle of champagne. 

Large Tropical Arrangement: The centerpiece of the bundle is a stunning large tropical arrangement. This arrangement features a variety of exotic and vibrant tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, anthuriums, ginger flowers, and heliconias. These blooms are known for their bold colors, unique shapes, and tropical allure. The arrangement is designed to create a visual feast of beauty and bring the vibrant energy of the tropics into any space.

Bud Vase of Roses: Alongside the tropical arrangement, a bud vase of roses adds a touch of romance and elegance. These roses, carefully selected for their beauty and fragrance, symbolize love and affection. The bud vase allows for the spotlight to shine on these classic blooms, creating a charming and intimate display.

Bag of Rose Petals: To enhance the romantic atmosphere, a bag of rose petals is included in the bundle. These soft and fragrant petals can be scattered on a bed, table, or any desired surface to create a romantic ambiance. They add a touch of luxury and can be used to set the mood for a special occasion or to surprise a loved one.

Luxurious Bottle of Champagne: To complete the bundle and add a touch of celebration, a luxurious bottle of champagne is included. This sparkling wine is synonymous with joy, festivity, and toasting to special moments. It provides the perfect complement to the tropical arrangement and adds a sense of luxury and indulgence to the overall experience.

The Tropical Love Bundle is the perfect gift to express love, celebrate a special occasion, or create a tropical oasis at home. It combines the beauty of tropical blooms, the elegance of roses, the romantic ambiance of rose petals, and the celebratory spirit of champagne. It's a bundle that brings joy, beauty, and love to the recipient, making it an unforgettable gesture of affection and appreciation.

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DELIVERY: Due to availability and the exact nature of every bloom each design will vary from image. Every order is hand-delivered direct to the recipient by Marco Island Florist Home and Gifts or a qualified local retail florist.

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