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Bouquets for National Rose Month

national rose month

Favorite colors, favorite flowers – it all comes together during National Rose Month! This is the perfect opportunity to send the world’s most beloved flower to all the people you love – and no matter who they are or what their personal style may be, Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts has the perfect rose to celebrate them!

Did You Know? If the statistics are correct, approximately 600 million roses are sold in the US every year, with 40% of them being on Valentine’s Day. 

National Rose MonthThe color of rose we choose to give usually represents the nature of the relationship with the recipient. For instance, a dozen long-stemmed red roses would be expected by a romantic partner or significant other. However, you wouldn’t want to send the same bouquet to your favorite teacher to thank her for her dedication. Yellow roses represent both friendship and admiration – so would be a good choice for your teacher – and pink roses can either denote thankfulness (dark pink roses) or sweet innocence, such as to give to a daughter. (light pink roses).

Orange and purple roses can both have romantic overtones as well, with orange representing infatuation and purple, enchantment. However, with all that being said, if someone has a favorite color that is special to them – a bouquet of that color is entirely appropriate!  And a bouquet of multi-colored roses is considered to be perfect for any happy occasion – birthdays, job promotions, graduations, even “just because”.

Did You Know? Rosebushes can thrive for extraordinarily long periods of time. The world’s oldest rosebush is believed to be in Hildesheim, Germany. It has been producing flowers since AD 815.

Roses exude beauty, grace, and elegance. During National Rose Month, you can share these timeless and classic flowers with those you love simply by calling Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts. We’ll take care of the rest.