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Flowers & Desktop Designs for Administrative Professionals

administrative professionals


Administrative Professionals Week was established in the early 1950’s as an initiative to fill the many vacant office positions in thriving post-war businesses. Although originally named National Secretary’s Day, the movement evolved to include an entire week of observance and to encompass a spectrum of professionals – from administrative assistants to front desk receptionists. In today’s world, the week-long event is meant to recognize those professionals who are the engine behind the business but often operate as unsung heroes. Where we would be without these committed and hard-working individuals? Administrative Professionals Week gives us the opportunity to give them the respect they are due. At Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts, we have assembled a collection of beautiful, whimsical, sophisticated, and thoughtful floral designs in order to thank each individual according to their personal style and contribution. Administrative professionals


Research has proven that when we validate employees and recognize their efforts, that they have higher morale overall. Not only that, but they will be more enthusiastic, less like to call in sick, and more likely to stay with you for the long haul. Investing in your administrative professionals – and by extension, your own business – is as easy as delivering these desktop designs to their workspace. Whether arranged in a reusable coffee mug or these fun, colorful jugs, spring daisies, tulips and roses are sure to brighten any cubicle or desk! administrative professionals

For professional offices or to adorn your receptionist’s desk, these elegant orchids are a perfect choice. Delicate, sophisticated, and delivered in a classic cylindrical design, orchids will add style and grace to the office ambiance. We can’t think of any employee who wouldn’t love having these gorgeous flowers to enjoy and take home. administrative professionals

Administrative Professional Week is an annual opportunity to applaud the very important professionals who are instrumental in our business’ success. From Marco Island to Naples, it is our honor to help you to say “Thank You” in the most beautiful way. Call Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts today – we are eager to help.