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Spotlight – Indian Weddings & Wedding Flowers on Marco Island

When you hear “wedding”, certain images may automatically come to mind – the white dress, the floral arch, the first waltz on the dance floor. But across our region, there is a rich diversity of cultures and traditions that offer a tapestry of beautiful customs, colors, elaborate floral designs and more. This month, we shine a spotlight on the gorgeous opulence that is a destination Indian wedding – and Marco Island Florist is poised to be your source for these extravagant weddings which celebrate your heritage.

An Indian wedding is a kaleidoscope of color and texture, and your Indian Beach wedding flowers should be just as magnificent.

Proper Attire: Guests at an Indian wedding are encouraged to wear bright colors and jewelry.

*  When a Hindu bride and groom come together, they traditionally exchange Jai Mala garlands (also called Var mala). These lush flower garlands are similar to Hawaiian leis but are generally larger, and are as symbolic as the wedding ring in a Western ceremony.

* Indian couples traditionally marry under a mandap – a four pillared canopy – which is usually heavily decorated with flowers. As red is considered the holy color, symbolizing purity, bravery, and protection, the mandap is often decorated with red roses and vines.

* A Rangoli (floral carpet) is created in colors of orange, red and yellow flowers which signify the vibrancy of life.

* Because on the emphasis on vivid color in an Indian wedding, feature floral walls are a popular addition to any ceremony. Whether a single feature wall or several to surround the mandap with incredible colors and beauty, these floral props are simply stunning.

* At the conclusion of a Hindu ceremony, the guests toss flower petals, blossoms or buds at the newlyweds – which is similar to the Western tradition of throwing rice, but much prettier!

* It is traditional in South Indian weddings for brides to wear jasmine blossoms in their hair. In some regions, the groom may also cover his face with the same garlands of jasmine.

If you are looking to celebrate a traditional Indian wedding, Marco Island Weddings has the fancy wedding flowers and ballroom floral decorations that will make your day unique and memorable. We provide everything from elaborate to simple floral design, ballroom wedding flowers, floral arches, and much more.

Indian Wedding Flowers & Events - Marco Island Florist

Marco Island is a spectacular destination for weddings, and Indian beach weddings are some of the most beautiful events we cater to. Let us help you to celebrate your heritage, customs, and culture in a beautiful way.