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Care for Indoor Flowering & Green Plants

green plants

Indoor flowering and green plants have the power to transform the feel of an office by adding a natural, organic vibe. These lush plants are the ideal gifts for Administrative Professionals Week, Teachers Day and Nurses Day – all coming up soon – but many people also love to fill their homes with these verdant beauties. This week, Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is offering some tips on how to keep your flowering and green plants healthy, happy and thriving. Our professional experts are always here to assist you in choosing the very best gifts for every occasion – which is your favorite?
green plants

The Schefflera family of green plants also includes the Arboricola and umbrella plant.

Level of Care: Low to moderate maintenance
Watering: Do not water until the soil is dry, then soak thoroughly and allow to completely drain.
Light Exposure: Moderate, filtered light
What to Look Out For: If the leaves are turning yellow, the plant is being overwatered. If the plant begins to droop or get “leggy”, it needs more light exposure.

green plants

Bromeliads (shown above)
Level of Care: Low maintenance
Watering: Fill the cup at the base of the leaves with water as required. Drain any stagnant water and debris that may collect at least once a week.
Feeding: Add half-strength fertilizer during the growing season
Light Exposure: Can withstand strong, bright light
Atmosphere: The tropical bromeliad needs a humid climate. If humidity is low, place the pot on a tray of gravel and water. Keep roots from being soaked in the water.
Miscellaneous: You can mist the plant to replicate humid conditions. Distilled or rain water is preferable to tap water, which can deposit minerals. green plants

Don’t let the beautiful flowers mislead you – the beautiful kalanchoe plant is of the succulent family, and as such is an exceptionally hardy plant.

Kalanchoe (picture above) 

Level of Care: Relatively low maintenance
Watering: This plant only needs water every 7-10 days.
Light Exposure: Bright light, including direct sunlight, can be tolerated for several hours per day
Temperature: Whatever your thermostat setting, the kalanchoe should be fine. Allow the plant a few hours in the sun daily if possible.
Miscellaneous: Do not permit kalanchoe leaves to lean up against a hot window – they will be burned and wither.

There are over three hundred thousand species of plants, each with their own standard of care. For those flowering and green plants which we provide, the experts at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts are eager to teach you best practices to ensure that they remain happy, healthy, and thriving.