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Gorgeous Blooms for the Host

Where will you be this Thanksgiving? If you're like 50 million Americans last year, it won't be at your own table but at someone else's. And in that case, you're going to need a host or hostess gift. There's no gesture more lovely - or timeless, this is an old tradition - than sending a vase full of fresh flowers to the people who are hosting you in their home for the holiday. Whether you send the item in advance or just after Thanksgiving, as is customary, we here at Marco Island Florist know your hosts will be moved at the gesture. Read More about Gorgeous Blooms for the Host »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on November 1, 2017 Flowers Hostess Gifts

Bright Blooms for Bold Veterans

Every year on or around November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day, a time to express our gratitude for our U.S. military veterans and to acknowledge their service to country. We do this through parades, parties and observances. We commemorate the occasion in our homes, spending time with our favorite vets. And yet, many of us are far away from the veterans in our family or the ones we've come to know throughout the years. And in that case, we at Marco Island Florist suggest you send a bouquet of bright blooms, straight from the Sunshine State. Read More about Bright Blooms for Bold Veterans »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on October 27, 2017 Veterans Day

Centering on Mums

Let's face it, we're all thinking about what we're going to put on our dining room tables as the holidays approach. Now that we're solidly in the midst of Fall - even if it doesn't feel like it outside - it's time to talk about our harvest decor. Along with polishing the silver and stocking the pantry, we need to think about how we'll decorate our tables. We at Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts have an inkling of what you may be looking for, and it involves November's official flower: the mum. Read More about Centering on Mums »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on October 20, 2017 Autumn Flowers

Harvest Florals & Bewitching Designs

We may be in the subtropics, but that doesn't mean we can't get our fall on. Harvest florals and bewitching designs look just right here too, whether we put them on our doorstep with the pumpkins, place them on the lanai table or keep them indoors in the dining room. Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is getting in on the autumnal action with a variety of spirited designs that capture the best of the season. Read More about Harvest Florals & Bewitching Designs »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on October 5, 2017 Halloween Flowers

Sweetest Day Gifts to Show Kindness

Although Sweetest Day has been a holiday since the early 1900's, until recently it was largely only recognized in the Midwest and Northeast. It's name may make you think that it is a romantic observance, but in fact the day was established for a far different purpose. The first Sweetest Day was actually a community event organized by local candy company owners in Cleveland, OH. The executives handed out over 26,000 boxes of chocolates to shut-ins, orphans, and those down on their luck, in order to let them know that they were not forgotten members of society. The intent of the day has always been to show support and encouragement to those who may be struggling, with "sweetest" referring to candy. However, over the years, the day has evolved to include any kind gesture. Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is proud to supply the floral designs, gifts and chocolate that will convey your love and friendship.  Read More about Sweetest Day Gifts to Show Kindness »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on October 5, 2017 Sweetest Day

Creative Designs & Fall Beauty in South Florida

Although this area may not experience autumn like others, many of us are transplanted from more northern climes. We remember with fondness the beautiful changing leaves, the pumpkin patches and hot apple cider. And although many of the traditions of fall do not apply to us here in South Florida, many still do - the anticipation of our favorite holidays and the warmth of family and friendship are still high on our list. And many of us still change our home decor to reflect the evolving seasons, and fall designs are among the most creative and whimsical. At Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts, we still incorporate the classic traditions of fall into our seasonal bouquets and arrangements. Trust us, you'll feel all those familiar fall vibes when you decorate with these creative designs. Read More about Creative Designs & Fall Beauty in South Florida »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on October 2, 2017 Autumn Flowers

Celebrating Marco Island’s Best Boss

The employer / employee relationship can be an interesting one. In fact, given that we spend approximately 35% of our waking hours in our workplace, the nature of that relationship can be the difference between loving our job and hating it. In 1958, a State Farm Insurance employee in Chicago decided that she wanted to do something to encourage positive relationships between bosses and their people. Her efforts resulted in National Boss's Day, an observance which is meant to enhance and influence our interactions in the workplace. If you appreciate the efforts that your boss makes every day to create a dynamic and positive atmosphere, you may want to put October 16 on your calendar. National Boss's Day is a great opportunity show your appreciation, and Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is a great place to look for gifts.  Read More about Celebrating Marco Island’s Best Boss »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 21, 2017 Flowers Plants

Warm and Welcoming Fall Flowers

Let's face it, here in Florida we don't really experience fall in the same way that the rest of the country does. Still, many of us grew up in places when this season meant beautiful colors, both in the changing foliage and the fall flowers. Across the country, deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows are the quintessential shades of the season. Although it may feel like summer outside here in Marco Island, we can still celebrate by filling our home with the fall flowers reminiscent of the northern climates. Flowers that bloom through the fall season include asters, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums. Potted mums are easily kept outdoors throughout the fall and winter here in South Florida, and are popular choices for outdoor home decor. If you are looking for a custom design made of fall flowers, call the experts at Marco Island Florist and let us know how we can help.  Read More about Warm and Welcoming Fall Flowers »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 18, 2017 Autumn Flowers

Giving Flowers to Welcome New Neighbors

Housewarming parties may not be as popular as they once were, but delivering a housewarming gift to a neighbor's front door is still a meaningful way to welcome new arrivals. When relocating to a different neighborhood, people may feel a bit unsure, disoriented or stressed - and your friendly smile at their front door is guaranteed to make them feel better! Whether you offer to help unload boxes, cook them a meal, or present them with something beautiful from Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts, your act of kindness will go a long way. And who knows? This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! A Literal Housewarming: The word "housewarming" is no accident - before electricity heated our homes, friends and relatives would visit new homeowners bearing gifts of firewood to keep the house cozy throughout the winter months.  Read More about Giving Flowers to Welcome New Neighbors »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 7, 2017 Housewarming Flowers

Flowers to Wear to the Homecoming Dance

The homecoming dance is a tradition that has survived for over a century of societal changes. Along with the football game and parades, the formal dance is a cherished custom at high schools and universities alike. Corsages are an appropriate accents for your homecoming attire. Giving flowers to your homecoming date is a traditional and thoughtful gift. Roses and orchids are popular choices, but unique dance flowers can also be crafted with a skillful florist The homecoming dance wouldn't be the same without elegant, sophisticated, trendy or fun florals  - for corsages and boutonnieres that will turn heads and make memories, call Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts.  Read More about Flowers to Wear to the Homecoming Dance »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on August 31, 2017 Homecoming Prom