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Posted by Marco Island Florist on January 27, 2021 | Last Updated: February 1, 2021 Uncategorized


Since love comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes, how do you celebrate it? From spending time with your Valentine to showing yourself love, or doing something sweet for someone else, there are lots of ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Whatever your favorite way might be, we’re sure to have you covered in our guide to the best day at home full of love, created by your friends at Marco Island Florist.

Ideal Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

This delightfully fragrant bouquet of hot pink roses and white lilies will make a lasting impression for any occasion.

Send Fresh Flowers

The perfect way to express love, brighten someone’s day, or freshen up the ambiance in your home is with flowers. This Valentine’s Day, don’t miss out on spreading some love with gorgeous arrangements, like our “Fairytale Fragrance.” Coordinate special deliveries to friends, neighbors, and yourself as well as your significant other.

Couple cooking together

Cook a Gourmet Dinner

We know it’s important to wine and dine your Valentine. So while you’re home, turn it into a fun day in the kitchen. Before the romantic candles are set and lit, have a stress-free day cooking side-by-side together. Sip some wine and make amazing memories from the first ingredient to the very last bite.

Colorful board game pieces

Play Nostalgic Board Games

Classic favorites like “Chess,” “Monopoly,” and “Battleship” used to be the best way to enjoy a day inside as a kid. We’re sure this holds true as adults, too. Travel back in time with your honey as you dig out your old board games. Enjoy a fun day of friendly competition, and share a few laughs this Valentine’s Day.

Bath with pink flower petals, fruit, candles, and open book

Have a Spa Day

The best way to spend Valentine’s Day by yourself is with an entire day devoted to self-care and pampering. Show yourself how much you love that person in the mirror with an at-home spa retreat, just for you. Run a soothing bath, wear a clay mask, paint your nails, and select something warm and cozy to wear. Set the perfect mood with your favorite tunes, candles, and essential oils. 

Romantic date with wine, candles, and grapes

Have a Picnic Inside

Trade in the reservations for a cozy picnic in the living room with your sweetheart. Avoid the crowds and get cozy with candles, dim lighting, mood music, and fresh flowers. If you’re not keen on cooking today, order-in your favorite foods from the best restaurants in town.

Pink arts and crafts supplies

Deliver Handmade Gifts

Love is expressed in so many ways, including homemade gifts. Spend a peaceful Valentine’s Day crafting and creating things for your community. Sweet cards, special projects like candles or paintings, are perfect gifts from the heart. Drop off your unique creations to hospitals that are close by or nursing homes in your neighborhood. You’ll put love in their hearts as well as smiles on their faces.

Couple walking in the snow holding hands

Go For a Sweet Stroll

Even though you don’t need an excuse to hold your beau’s hand or wrap your arms around each other, it’s nice to have a reason. Go for a casual walk around the neighborhood or select a secluded nature area close by. As you walk hand-in-hand, appreciate the scenery around you while you enjoy a lovely and peaceful opportunity to chat.

Don’t rely on Cupid to impress your Valentine. This year, create a romantic ambiance, pamper yourself, spread some love, and have fun from home. It’s sure to be the perfect Valentine’s Day, complete with lovely blooms from Marco Island Florist.