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5 Flowers To Be Thankful For

At Marco Island Florist, serving Marco Island the nearby areas, flowers are always in style and in season. Our florists truly believe in the year-round appeal of flowers. They’re not only beautiful and fragrant, but flowers also have lots of incredible health benefits that people can enjoy just from being around flowers. They have the power to improve mood, lower stress, and strengthen memory. They’ve also been shown to speed the recovery of patients ailing from illness, injury, or surgical wounds.

With so many great reasons to surround yourself with flowers, we can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t! You don’t have to wait for a holiday or special occasion, order a bouquet today.

These Are the Most Popular Flowers

The most popular flowers are usually chosen for their unique beauty, exceptional fragrance, or symbolic meaning. Often the most popular flowers differ depending on where and when you live. Camellias and lotus flowers, for example, are highly popular in East Asia, but used less frequently in other parts of the world. There was also a time when tulips were so highly prized that they would be used as currency and made up most of Holland’s economy. Today, we still love tulips, but it’s unlikely anyone would pay thousands of dollars for a single bulb.

It’s not easy choosing your top-five favorite flowers, but we narrowed the list down based on beauty and versatility in floral designs.

Essence of Autumn


Everyone loves roses for their timeless beauty. They seem to have an endless unfolding of petals and bloom in so many colors and color combinations that each has its own symbolic meaning. You probably already know that red roses are synonymous with romance, but did you know orange roses represent passion, pink roses are for feelings of admiration, and white roses symbolize purity?

<Floral Embrace

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are one of the loveliest lily varieties. They bloom in different colors, like all-white, pink starbursts, and more! White stargazer lilies represent purity and sympathy, while the pink varieties symbolize prosperity.



Orchids are one of the most exotic-looking flowers, and they’re available in countless varieties. We especially love cymbidium orchids, but they’re all beautiful. Orchids are the perfect floral gift for the special women in your life because they represent glorious femininity, refinement, mature charm, exotic beauty, and thoughtfulness.

Sandy Beach

Pincushion Protea

We love the pincushion protea for its vibrant colors and interesting appearance, which is similar to a pincushion filled with needles. Named for Proteus, Poseidon’s son, these interesting flowers hold mythological significance and represent the change and transformation associated with Proteus’s story.

pink peonies daisies lilies and green accents in vase


Peonies are one of our favorites, too! These pink beauties have the appearance of millions of folds of soft, pretty tissue paper. They give a lushly abundant look to any floral arrangement and have great symbolic meaning, too. They represent bashfulness and compassion, in addition to a happy marriage, happy life, good health, and prosperity.

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

Flowers have their own symbolic meanings, and many believe a person’s favorites reveal something about their personality. If you love lilacs, then it’s thought you’ll also have a fondness of nostalgia. Tulip lovers are said to value family. Peony lovers are caring and sweet, and lily lovers are supposed to be full of dignity and compassion.

How to Order Flowers

When ordering flowers and selecting an arrangement, remember to consider your relationship with the recipient, the occasion, and what you want your flowers to say. We recommend only ordering red roses for romantic occasions and reserving all-white arrangements for somber events, as they tend to symbolize sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate, a bouquet of multi-colored flowers is always a good choice.

Marco Island Florist makes ordering flowers easy! Using our online ordering feature, you can have flowers delivered to just about anywhere. We also welcome you to stop by our flower shop for personalized assistance when selecting a floral gift.