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Posted by Marco Island Florist on November 15, 2022 | Last Updated: November 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Add Cheer and Warmth to Your Home with These Fresh Radiant Red Blooms

Use red flowers this holiday season to enhance your decor, revitalize your space, and reinvigorate your spirits. Fresh red flowers are perfect for banishing the winter doldrums and turning up the cheer. With a power unlike any other color, red symbolizes multiple sentiments ranging from love and passion to anger and power, vitality, and happiness. For the floral experts here at Marco Island Florist, we’re filling you in on why red flowers are so amazing and the ones we love best for bringing dazzling rich color, dynamism, warmth, and joy to our homes.

Check out our red blooms of fall and winter to make your cold days brighter and your home warmer.

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

The color red has been stimulating and intriguing humankind since the prehistoric days when red clay was ground up to color animals and images on cave walls. Since then, a wide range of symbolism and sentiment have been attached to the color red, like love, passion, romance, Holy blood, life, war, wealth, beauty, power, danger, lust, and adventure, to name a few.

The bright splashes of color, intensity, and vivacity of red flowers are impossible to ignore. See how your room, and mood, transform when your home is decorated magnificent red blooms.

Red Flowers of Fall

Red Flowers of Winter


A symbol of love and a muse to many famous painters, the red anemone is striking in its simple beauty.


A charming daisy-like bloom, red asters represent undying devotion.


The flower of fall, the red mum symbolizes love and passion in a cheery and upbeat way.

Gerbera Daisy

Red Gerbera daisies are bold and lovely and represent complete immersion in love.


Bountiful and bold, red zinnias symbolize the steadfast beating of a heart in love.


The glorious trumpet-shaped bloom of the amaryllis is a showstopper. Meaning radiant beauty, this bloom will enhance any space.


Striking in its bold, vibrant red spathe, the anthurium signifies admiration and love.


Lush, frilly, and pretty, red carnations symbolize deep love and affection.


Red roses are deeply entrenched in the symbolism of love, romance, and passion, but don’t let that deter you from just enjoying their perfect beauty and fragrance during the holiday season.


Delicate and fragrant, red sweetpeas are fun and full of energy and represent blissful pleasure.

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

The red Christmas Flower, also known as the Christmas Star, is the poinsettia plant. Nearly impossible to avoid during the holidays, the poinsettia has bright red brachts and dark green leaves, making it the perfect symbol of Christmas. Bright and cheerful, it’s a great way to fill your home with warmth and joy. Plus, with the proper care, poinsettias can rebloom year after year.

Make your home bright and cheerful this fall and winter by decorating with fresh red blooms. Red flowers also make great gifts to friends, family members, and loved ones who could use an extra boost of joy this season and to let them know you’re thinking about them. Start shopping our collection of red blooms now!