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Express Your Love On Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. With this special holiday quickly approaching, it’s time to think of great ways grandchildren can express their love and devotion to grandparents. Sending a beautiful floral bouquet, long-lasting plant design or a special gift basket to grandparents is a wonderful way to remind them that you care. Remember that the professionals at Marco Island Florist deliver throughout the Marco Island area, including private residences and assisted living facilities. For ideas about activities kids and grandparents can do together, take a look at some of the ideas we’ve listed here. Read More about Express Your Love On Grandparents Day »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on August 4, 2019 Flower Gifts Flowers Grandparents Day Holidays Plants

Special Blooms for Special Moms

It’s almost time to celebrate some of the most special people in the world. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this is a fabulous time to let moms everywhere know how special they are to us. The mothers you know spend their time and energy dedicating themselves to their families and children. They deserve to be reminded of what a special, unique role they play in our lives. The floral designers at Marco Island Florist have created some amazing Mother’s Day flowers just for your mom. Read More about Special Blooms for Special Moms »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on April 29, 2019 Flower Gifts Flowers Holidays Mother's Day Plants

Self Care Practice Through Plants

Did you know that caring for something besides yourself actually increases your ability to listen and show empathy? Studies have shown that taking care of houseplants can help you learn to be attentive to the needs of others, even when they can’t say what they need. By caring for a plant of your own, you are actually taking care of yourself as well and learning to care for those around you. If you’ve never owned plants before, start with something simple and low-maintenance. The Naples-based Marco Island Florist suggests giving plants as gifts, both to yourself and a friend, as another means of self-care. Read More about Self Care Practice Through Plants »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 10, 2018 Plants

Celebrating Marco Island’s Best Boss

The employer / employee relationship can be an interesting one. In fact, given that we spend approximately 35% of our waking hours in our workplace, the nature of that relationship can be the difference between loving our job and hating it. In 1958, a State Farm Insurance employee in Chicago decided that she wanted to do something to encourage positive relationships between bosses and their people. Her efforts resulted in National Boss's Day, an observance which is meant to enhance and influence our interactions in the workplace. If you appreciate the efforts that your boss makes every day to create a dynamic and positive atmosphere, you may want to put October 16 on your calendar. National Boss's Day is a great opportunity show your appreciation, and Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is a great place to look for gifts.  Read More about Celebrating Marco Island’s Best Boss »
Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 21, 2017 Flowers Plants

Care for Indoor Flowering & Green Plants

Indoor flowering and green plants have the power to transform the feel of an office by adding a natural, organic vibe. These lush plants are the ideal gifts for Administrative Professionals Week, Teachers Day and Nurses Day - all coming up soon - but many people also love to fill their homes with these verdant beauties. This week, Marco Island Florist Home & Gifts is offering some tips on how to keep your flowering and green plants healthy, happy and thriving. Our professional experts are always here to assist you in choosing the very best gifts for every occasion - which is your favorite? Read More about Care for Indoor Flowering & Green Plants »
Posted by flowermanager on April 7, 2017 Plants

Flowers & Desktop Designs for Administrative Professionals

  Administrative Professionals Week was established in the early 1950's as an initiative to fill the many vacant office positions in thriving post-war businesses. Although originally named National Secretary's Day, the movement evolved to include an entire week of observance and to encompass a spectrum of professionals - from administrative assistants to front desk receptionists. In today's world, the week-long event is meant to recognize those professionals who are the engine behind the business but often operate as unsung heroes.  Read More about Flowers & Desktop Designs for Administrative Professionals »
Posted by flowermanager on March 29, 2017 Administrative Professionals Week Flowers Holidays Plants