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Creative Pointers for Gifting Flowers to the Man You Love on Valentine’s Day

There are numerous compelling reasons you should surprise your significant other with flowers for Valentine’s Day. The Society of American Florists conducted a poll, and 60% of the men they asked said they wanted flowers. Research studies also concluded that flowers can help sharpen men’s communication abilities; they have improved body language and eye contact when flowers are visible. There are also plenty of men who have nostalgic memories of flowers they remember from childhood, whether they recall the aroma of jasmine flowers or the scent of lilacs wafting through the spring air. At Marco Island Florist in Marco Island, Florida, we’re happy to craft a floral masterpiece that will put a smile on his face this Valentine’s Day.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Before beginning the design process, inform your florist about your partner’s aesthetics, personality traits, and interests. The more they learn about what makes him tick, the more they can incorporate his unique character into the Valentine’s Day arrangement. If he has a favorite flower type or one linked to a special memory you share, share that information. Consider what fragrances are his favorite when making flower choices, as there are plenty of options. Also, explain where he’ll showcase the bouquet, whether it’s a buttoned-up design for his desk at work or a larger, more elaborate one for home.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Studies indicate that lively colors like orange, red, and yellow can awaken a man’s senses and lift his spirits. Red flowers, particularly roses, have been connected to love and passion for centuries, making them perfect for romantic celebrations like Valentine’s Day. Orange flowers signify zeal, warmth, and enthusiasm, a surefire way to brighten his day and acknowledge his vibrant personality. Yellow blossoms represent happiness and positivity, a tribute to the joy he brings you. And if you know his favorite hues, that’s another option to consider.

Select Contemporary Designs

Instead of Valentine’s Day designs with maximalist energy, consider modern arrangements with sleek, clean lines reminiscent of contemporary art and architecture. Bouquets like this typically stick to one color scheme and may include striking birds of paradise, tall, sleek stalks of bamboo, or even a single type of bloom, like lush red anthuriums. Alternatively, select a design that mimics the beauty of the natural world. For the man who lives for outdoor adventures, a bouquet that appears freshly harvested from a meadow can be very resonant. Think of earth-toned florals, wildflowers, and greenery arranged in a free-spirited way.

Consider the Vase Choice

Instead of overly decorative containers, use minimalist vases in dark, muted, or neutral hues that allow the flowers to stand out. Imagine a vibrant red rose contrasting with a sleek black vase, creating a bold visual impression. The vessel should neatly extend the contemporary, clean lines of the overall arrangement, akin to a man’s favorite well-fitted suit or a cherished leather jacket. These lines add an element of sophistication, elegance, and balance to your Valentine’s Day surprise.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

Celebrate your partner’s hobby by reflecting it in the presentation of the floral arrangement. For instance, if he’s a piano player, paint musical notes onto the vase. If he’s a diehard sports fan, attach a keychain of his favorite team’s mascot to the bouquet. You can also combine the flowers with special presents, like baked goods from his favorite bakery or movie tickets. For serious food enthusiasts, present the flowers and a reservation at a restaurant he’s mentioned. These custom touches show you care about him and know him well.

Breaking the stereotype and giving flowers to your male partner on Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful surprise. Reach out to the team at Marco Island Florist for expert guidance in creating a heartfelt bouquet that reflects his unique style.

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