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Posted by Marco Island Florist on September 11, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Uncategorized

Experience Fall’s Most Popular Blooms: Chrysanthemums

The beauty of autumn is a wonderful time to explore the meaning of the season’s most popular flower, the chrysanthemum. Full of life and rich color, these blooms are available in a wide variety of styles, from spider mums and anemones to daisy mums, and pompons. Plus, mums have been around a very long time, giving them a rich history full of meaning and symbolism.

Adding chrysanthemums to your fall decor will bring history, style, and color together for a meaningful display that welcomes fall. Take a look at the favorite mums our designers from Marco Island Florist are highlighting for the fall season and choose your favorites for decorating your own home or sending to someone special.

Orange & Yellow Daisy Mum

Lavender Poms

Incurve Mum

Red Rover Mum

Spider Mum

Viking Mums

The great variety of colors, shapes, and textures make decorating with mums a joy. Use them as feature flowers or accent flowers as seen below in Harvest Basket and Spiced Cider.

Harvest Basket

Spiced Cider

Chrysanthemum Symbolism

Chrysanthemums have been a long-venerated flower in regions of Asia. For centuries mums have been grown in China. Known as the “October Flower” in Mandarin, mums were considered so special that only members of the royal family were allowed to grow these blooms. In the West, mums generally symbolize joy, happiness, and optimism when given as a gift. With their traditional fall colors and woodsy scent, mums typify our favorite parts of autumn.

Let mums represent your fall season and everything special about the holidays when you include them in your home or office decor during the autumn season. This beautiful flower represents fall so well, you won’t want to exclude it from the celebration. Choose your favorite varieties in colors that complement your home’s decor or to represent the autumn season for a festive update to your seasonal get-togethers. Talk to the floral designers at Marco Island Florist for more great ideas about including meaningful mums in your autumn decor.