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Find Out Why Flowers Are an Excellent Valentine’s Gift for Him

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Love is in the air in Naples, which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re still trying to decide what to get your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, our romance experts at Marco Island Florist are here to remind you that there are actually plenty of wonderful Valentine’s gifts for men that can be found at a local flower shop, like ours.

Surprisingly Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Him from Our Local Flower Shop


A Dozen Orange Roses

A Dozen Orange Roses

1. Unexpected Roses

Red roses symbolize romantic love, making them the most popular choice on Valentine’s Day. You can, however, surprise your guy with a bouquet of fiery orange roses that represent passion. Send him a dozen of these unique beauties for a wonderfully romantic and passionate surprise.






Escape to the islands with this tropical display of flowers, featuring vibrant orange lilies, bird of paradise, yellow roses and elegant purple dendrobium orchid sprays with curly willow circled inside the bubble bowl.


2. Tropical Delights

With their fiery hues, unusual shapes, and surprising textures, tropical flowers are perfect for the types of contemporary floral designs men tend to prefer. With a smattering of birds of paradise, dendrobium orchids, lilies, and yellow orchids, our Waikiki arrangement will make your guy feel like he’s on a Hawaiian vacation.





A little box of tropical sunshine! Bright orange, red and yellow blooms form a magical, modern mosaic inside a chic bamboo container.

Bamboo Getaway

3. Compact Designs

Perfect for an office or at home, compact designs have a modern look and a more masculine feel than large, bursting bouquets. For men, we especially love the Bamboo Getaway design which highlights pincushion protea blooms with bamboo spires, rolled ti leaves, and a variety of vibrantly colored blooms in a sleek bamboo container.




These phaleanopsis orchids are available in many different colors and stand tall above a glass cube filled with moss and river rock.

Orchid Plant

4. Live Orchids

Orchids have an alluring beauty and elegance that will add a bit of tranquility to any atmosphere. For men, we recommend live Phalaenopsis orchids with all-white flowers. Relatively easy to care for, orchids will bloom every winter.








This plant features 3 separate bromeliads planted together for your enjoyment.

Bromeliad Trio

5. Bromeliad Plants

In the wild, bromeliads actually grow the sides of trees in the rainforest, but they’ll thrive potted in a home or office, too. Members of the pineapple family, bromeliads have spiky foliage and tops that bloom in vibrant red, orange, yellow, or magenta.






Why Flowers May Be the Best Choice for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Although it isn’t a well-known fact, men actually enjoy receiving flowers just as much as women. Plus, giving your husband or boyfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day could actually make for a more enjoyable holiday. Studies have shown that men who receive flowers can become more open and communicative, in addition to making increased eye contact and standing closer to those nearby. So, if you’re hoping to create opportunities for intimacy this holiday, we strongly suggest sending your man flowers.

How to Choose a Floral Arrangement for a Guy

Picking out a floral arrangement for a man, especially for the first time, can seem daunting at first. There are a few suggestions you can follow to simplify the process. First, unless you know your guy loves pastels like pink, we recommend avoiding them because they can come across as overly feminine. Instead, look for monochrome palettes or bouquets featuring vibrant jewel tones, primary colors, and sunny hues.

We also recommend favoring contemporary designs over the more frilly, traditional floral arrangements, as modern design tends to be considered more masculine in appearance. Look for compact designs and clean, strong lines.

If you’re not sure what to pick for your husband or boyfriend, don’t worry! Our experts at Marco Island Florist are always happy to help. Whether you order online, over the phone, or in person, we can provide you with professional advice and personalized recommendations to make sure you choose a bouquet that your guy is sure to love!