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Posted by Marco Island Florist on October 9, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Uncategorized

Have a Happy Halloween with Festive Flowers and Spooky Gifts

It’s October, and Halloween will arrive before we know it! Many Marco Island residents are busy preparing for the 31st. They’re stocking up on candy, decorating their homes and front yards for trick-or-treaters, and picking out costumes. Others have already begun celebrating Halloween, watching scary movie marathons, attending costume parties, carving pumpkins, and munching on candy corn. At Marco Island Florist, our floral designers have been busy creating new, spooky creations for Halloween. This year, we’re spreading the spirit of the season with a variety of fun, festive floral designs.

Our Favorite Flowers and Design Themes for Halloween Floral Arrangements

For Halloween arrangements, we love flowers that fit into one of two color pallets: spooky Halloween and harvest Halloween. The first includes colors like black, orange, purple, and green. The second features autumn hues like orange, red, yellow, burgundy, gold, and copper.

Asiatic Lilies


There are numerous varieties of lilies, making them quite versatile in Halloween floral arrangements. From bright orange to white, pink, and deep red, they work well in any type of Halloween bouquet. We especially love them in our Halloween Magic arrangement, which pairs rust-colored Asiatic lilies with orange roses, a variety of carnations, and chrysanthemums. Accented with curly willow and satiny black leaves, this whole arrangement is contained in a ceramic keepsake jack-o-lantern. With a sweet grin on the pumpkin’s face and gold-stemmed lid, this container will make the perfect candy dish for celebrating future Halloweens.

Halloween Magic


Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers for Halloween and the autumn season. They grow in just about every color of the rainbow, meaning they can be incorporated into a variety of bouquets. We especially love lime green, button chrysanthemums that look perfect paired with purple and orange flowers in a ghoulish design. These cheerful flowers also do well potted and will look lovely and welcoming, adorning your entryway.



This elegant bloom is also great for Halloween and harvest. With soft petals, roses can elevate any Halloween design, taking it from cute to sophisticated with just a few blooms.



These fluffy floral favorites do well in Halloween bouquets for the same reasons we love chrysanthemums, their color versatility. They not only fill out an arrangement with soft petals, but they can also fill in a missing piece of a Halloween design’s color story.

 Enchanted Harvest

Red Yarrow

Red yarrow grows in a shrub-like formation and features great clusters of miniature blooms. We love red yarrow for fall designs because it pairs the perfect cottage red petals with cheerful, golden-yellow centers. Our Enchanted Harvest bouquet features red yarrow in a most elegant design. Artfully arranged in a keepsake cream and gold ceramic pumpkin, this arrangement features all the colors of an autumn evening with sunset roses, coppery mums, deep red carnations, and golden foliage.



Sunflowers are perfect for Halloween and autumn floral designs. They’re in-season and supply a beautiful range of yellow, red, and gold hues. Their large blooms can be used to draw the eye all around a floral design.

Spread the Spirit of the Season with Halloween Flowers and Unique Gifts

Halloween’s only for one day, but you can celebrate the spookiest day of the year all month long with Halloween gifts and festive flowers. Decorate your front porch with potted mums and a floral wreath. Then, bring the joy indoors with a Halloween centerpiece. Spread the spirit of the season by sending a pumpkin filled with candy to your favorite trick-or-treater or celebrate a friend’s October anniversary or birthday with a Halloween floral design. Whether you have a special October occasion or simply love this time of year, you can celebrate with a Halloween floral arrangement or gift.

Our expert floral designers at Marco Island Florist can help you select the perfect bouquets and gifts to celebrate Halloween! To view our seasonal selection, we welcome you to drop by our flower shop or order online today! We wish you a happy haunting and a safe Halloween!