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Why Sustainable Floristry Is Important

Flowers are among the greatest gifts from Mother Nature. They’re beautiful, aromatic, all-natural – grown-from-the-earth, and offer overall health benefits. With a huge assortment of styles, textures, designs, and shapes, flower professionals produce numerous awe-inspiring arrangements which are genuinely amazing. Dealing together with the special gift of flowers, we know it is essential to we source the flowers of ours in an eco-friendly fashion to safeguard the environment for many years. This’s the reason it is essential florists practice renewable floristry almost as practical.

Here at Marco Island Florist, we’re doing what we are able to lessen the overall carbon footprints of ours and joining in on the movement along with other florists to do environmentally conscious methods.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

Ways Florists Are Practicing Sustainable Floristry


Sourcing Slow Flowers

Slow flowers are blooms that are grown and harvested as close to home as you can and completed in an eco-friendly way. Supporting local flower shops prevents further pollution as a result of transporting items from long distances. If specific kinds of floral solutions have to be shipped, it is of essential importance that they’re sourced from certified and eco-friendly sustainably-grown farms. Contained in this class are blossoms grown outside rather than in greenhouses which could use up a great deal of power. A lot of florists with green-houses, although, are utilizing much more energy-efficient greenhouses which utilizes a great deal less power than more mature ones.

No Foam

The floral foam that has been a staple for a lot of florists in the last sixty years is a one-time use plastic that is not biodegradable and is extremely harmful to the earth. Substitute solutions such as reusable chicken wire, moss, twigs, and any other earth-friendly mechanics are starting to be very popular with florists – for a valid reason.

Composting and Recycling

Composting, using reusable items, plus reducing waste are measures most florists are doing to become greener. Other actions are conserving water and recycling vases, where some stores encourage their customers to bring in old vases to be refilled.

Decrease Use of Plastics

Besides ditching the eco-friendly foam, using newspaper or maybe recycled papers rather than clear plastic to wrap flowers along with making use of compostable or recyclable substances for cards and tags is a lot more earth-friendly.

Field of Pink and Purple Flowers

Why It’s Important

We owe it to the world, our children, along with generations to come to do as small amount of damage as possible on the ecosystems which support our life. Using renewable products is a great start. What is a sustainable product or service? It is a product which over its total life cycle, from beginning to disposal, has produced no harmful effect on the environment, isn’t bad for the public health, and offers economic and social benefits. What this means is paying a good wage for employees, prohibiting child labor, and protecting the land. When green practices are implemented, we all benefit.

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